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Love Spells By Alexa

Alexa Is a Master Psychic/Spell Caster
Her Spells Never Fail I Guarantee All Spells To Work!
If You Want To Cast a Spell/Ritual, Or You May Want
Alexa To Cast One For You.

If You Want Me to Cast Call Me! Or If You Would Like to
Cast The Spell With Your Own Energy Placed In The Spell,
Click On Any One Listed Below You May Need And I Will Help You Cast The Spell
And Teach You My Own Secret Method.

I was born with the ability to see Auras and Spirits. This gift has unfolded over the years, as I have trained since 1977 to tune into people on a deeper level.

I use various modalities of reading such as Psychic Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. I have also studied Tarot & I am a Life Coach and High Priestess.

My greatest gift is Spell Casting. I have worked in Africa, The Usa, UK and Canada. My commitment is to solving your problems and doing a thorough analysis of your individual situation. We are all individuals with custom problems.

I will be with My client every step of the way, its the only way to get real results. You get full care at a doctor’s office with one-on-one attention, why should spell casting be any different?

I want to share with you the gift I was born with. I am a trained counselor with a postgraduate degree, as well as an ordained Wiccan High Priestess. My Most Powerful Love spells are provided with the highest of quality material and dedication.

You can get in contact with me every step of the way. The Powerful Method I use along with the imported Products are worth the investment, instead of taking a risk with spell casters that cut down on cost by using poor material along with Amature Methods.

Would you take a risk with someone who doesn’t offer you the highest in quality and service?

Many Have TRIED and FAILED Over and Over Again in
thier work because they use Amature Methods such as:
Candles, Crystals, Oils,Special Prayers and Amature Meditations.

I Only Use Organic Herbs Along With Many Other
Organic Materials I Also Use A Ancient Art Of
Spell Casting Used By My Family For Centuries.

Please Be Sure You Want Whatever You Ask Me For.
My Spells Are Powerful! And I Cant Stop A Spell Once Casted!

I Will Never Charge You For My Casting Service's And Readings Are Always Free!
Why Would Any Psychic/Spell Caster
Charge You For A God Given Gift To Help You
All My Spells Are Guaranteed!

As I am Here To Help You Not Scam You!
I Only Charge You The Price Of What It Will Take To
Buy The Products To Cast The Spell Or Ritual The Rest
Is Free And No You Will Never Be Asked To Pay One More Dime!

If You Need A Free Reading Call 832-282-0345 Ask For Alexa Or E-mail Me full Names and dates of birth for Free E-mail Reading allow 24-48 hours for a reply


Psychic/Spell Caster- Shop and Telephone Readings and Spell Casting since 1977.

Psychic Criminologist- Mayla's work with Law Enforcement includes Missing persons, Cold cases and Criminal cases in Ten states.

Featured on Local and International Radio as well as Newspapers and Television Stations.

Psychic Fairs- Over 20 years of experience in 10 States.

Alexa's Testimonials

When I came to Alexa, I was feeling lost and confused about matters, and my energies were completely bouncing all over the place. I was actually debating whether or not I should have a spell cast for me considering past spell castings were a general failure. I am sorry tosay, however, I am confident that this woman is the real deal, she actually gave me a simple 7-day cleansing ritual, that involved basic items, and doing simple things to cleanse your body's energies of all negativity that I am in the midst of doing as we speak, and already I've noticed a difference in myself. I feel more assertive, and positive about things, and this little ritual also had the side benefit of leaving me with much better skin tone too. I can assure you folks, don't let the naysayers get the better, she's flexible, willing to work with you on a budget, and will make sure that you get the results you want and need. I am looking forward to the future now, and if ever needed again, I will definitely come back in the future. Thanks a ton. J, Melanson.

Alexa is the best I have done so many spells before any payed so much money I almost lost my home over it and messed up all of my credit "Like anybody would be, I was very skeptical but I was still looking for real help , when Alexa started the spell for me for the first time I seen results and I almost fell to my knees , after 2 years my ex girlfriend called me to see if I wanted to see her , she was going to be in town for a day so I did and 4 weeks later she wants to move in with me in Ny , I love you so much! Alexa you have given me my life back I owe you everything , if any one is in need plz give her a chance she will not let you down , thank thank thank so so much love all ways ! Jeremiah, Hilbert.

Alexa, Thank You is not enough, for your services. And I truly want to say that you are a women of your word. Though at first I was unsure, but I am glad I followed my heart. You have been my Psychic/Spellcaster and advisor, you have also become my friend. For anyone who is a first timer, have no fear because help is here. I called Alexa very confused, and broken hearted. And what I thought I wanted, wasn't what I needed. Alexa opened a whole new path that I never thought I could take. I feel brand new. I have a new home, and I have a new love in my life that wants not just me but my kids as well, We are now planning a wedding and shes invited ! Alexa I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have kept it real from day one, you are always there when I need you, you answer my calls and emails as a true friend with that all being said, to any body who reads this, SHE IS WORTH IT, TRUST ME YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! ............. Love M, Kosinski.

Alexa I want to thank you for not scamming me. You actually helped me ever since I have been working with you it seems like everyday is better. Everyday his love grows deeper for me and he tells me. I know this is my soulmate and we were ment to be together and with your help we will. Thank you soooooo much! Ms, Lovly.
Below Is a List Of The Most Powerful Love Spells and Rituals:


Stop a Divorce Now!
In time, a lot of bad energy can gather in a relationship.
Clear out all the bad energy and make the marriage stable.
This spell works to make the partner change their mind of filing for divorce.
Click To Buy $75.00

Forget and Forgive Spell. Make your lover forgive you for past mistakes.
Click To Buy $50.00

Return To Me Spell.Do You Want A Lover To Return ?
Click To Buy $100.00

Soul Mate Spell. Are You Lonely And Want To Attract Your Soulmate To You?
Click To Buy Now $100.00

Same Sex Powerful Love Spell (Gay/Lesbian Love Spell)
Click To Buy Now $100.00

You Want to Sell your House? Use This Powerful Cleansing Ritual
Click To Buy Now $100.00

Cleansing Ritual. Do You Feel Emotionally,Physically And Spiritually Drained lately?

Or As If Your Not On The Right Path

Use This Cleansing Ritual! Never Fails!
Click To Buy $75.00

Peace Of Mind.

Do You Need Peace Of Mind ?

Do You Feel Worried ?

Cant Get To Sleep And When You Do Its Not Rested Sleep !

Use This Meditation For Peace of Mind, Rest And Relaxation!
Click To Buy $50.00

Alexa Will Be Adding More Spells and Rituals Soon If You Need any Other Not Listed Call Alexa She Will Customize One To Fit Your Needs

To Receive One Of The Spells Listed:

1. First you need to complete the payment.

2. After the payment Alexa will ask you for some specific information regarding your spell.

3. With this information Alexa will create a specific spell for you!

4.You will receive your spell within 24hrs from now!

Warning: I Will Send You The Spell, I Will Not Cast The Spell For You! If You Want Your Spell To Be Casted By Alexa, Then Please Call



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There Is Never A Need To Worry When Purchasing One Of The Spells Or Rituals Listed, As I Only Accept Payment Through Paypal , Which Is And Has Been A Trusted & Reputable Online Merchant Account Sevice For Many Years . There Server Is Safe And Free From Pop Ups . And Will Never Share Your Personal And Private Information , Such As Credit Card And Billing Info . If You Have A Account At Paypal Then Click To Buy , Log In And Purchase Will Be Sent Directly To Your Mail Inbox . Or If You Are New To Paypal You Will Still Be Able To Purchase Your Spell Or Ritual , By Simply Following The Instructions On The Paypal Site Once You Click Buy Now Then The Spell Or Ritual Requested Will Be Sent To E-Mail Inbox Within 24 Hours . Its That Easy ....

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